The Benefits of Minimalism

by | Sep 11, 2019 | Lifestyle, Minimalism

You don’t need to be an extreme minimalist to reap the benefits of living simply. Here are 6 benefits of minimalism that I’ve personally experienced.

I was 18 years old when I first had the (abrupt) realization that I needed to simplify everything in my life. It’s a story for another time, but I will say that I’ve learned a lot since living much simpler about 10 years ago!

Over the years I’ve talked about many topics around the subject of minimalism: how to get started, items I no longer own or buy, tips for decluttering, you name it. But I realized that I’ve never specifically addressed the benefits of minimalism. What’s so good about this lifestyle? How can it help us live better lives, potentially?

You don’t need to be an extreme minimalist to reap the benefits of living simply. I certainly live with more than just a bowl and a spoon (although living in a tiny apartment has its limitations!) but the principles I’ve followed have stayed the same: I have what I use, need, and value.Whether you’re just getting started with minimalism or you’re interested in learning why it can be a wonderful lifestyle, I hope this post will help!

Watch the video below to learn the 6 benefits of minimalism, or continue reading.

Less Clutter

When you choose to live simply, you’re minimizing the amount of superfluous stuff you have in your environment whether that be your bedroom, kitchen, office, garage, or basement. A minimalist approach to living makes it easier to maintain a tidy space and makes tidying up when needed a quicker process overall. It feels good when our space is clear and I strongly believe in the sentiment that the state of our surroundings is a reflection of our state of mind, and vice versa. When your space is clear, you have a clearer mind.

Less Stress

Clutter and stress can certainly go hand in hand. It’s annoying to constantly have to deal with items you have no spot for or are taking up space. Believe it or not, something as simple as clutter can be a very real source of stress in our busy lives.

I’ve not always been a tidy person, and truthfully, I’m not inherently one. But I’ve come to develop habits over the years of keeping my space as tidy as I can throughout the day/week to avoid the feelings that come along with a messy living space.

More Time

Yup – minimalism absolutely can help you save time. Here’s a few examples of how and when:

  • less stuff means less time spent looking for items that you need. Keys when leaving the house, the lid to your lunch container, a certain utensil in your kitchen, a document in your office, or a screwdriver in your basement. Too much “stuff” cluttering your space eats up our time.
  • you save time on how long it takes to get dressed. I’m a fan of having a capsule-style wardrobe which means fewer pieces of clothing, but ones that are highly versatile and interchangeable. This makes getting dressed far easier and quicker.
  • you save time spent on shopping for things you may not ultimately need or use
  • less time is spent doing major tidy or declutter sessions because you aren’t frequently accumulating new things

More Money

Minimalism is a lifestyle that generally emphasizes having and buying less, thus, you’re saving money. You may find that as a result of spending less on accumulating items that don’t ultimately enrich your life, you have more money to either save altogether or spend on activities or experiences that you do enjoy, perhaps with friends, family, or on your own. Saving money naturally follows as you begin to recognize what you really do and do not need in your life.


The less we buy, especially disposable products, the less we’re wasting. Whether that’s clothing, decor, electronics, single use plastic, or makeup, minimalism can be extremely beneficial for the planet. Additionally, many who embark on minimalist journeys often find themselves becoming more interested in eco-friendly products altogether, such as reusable or low-waste items. It’s a domino effect!

More Happiness

This may be my favourite point. When you have a minimalist mindset, you’re much more likely to find enjoyment and satisfaction in your life because you start to appreciate what you already have (and having less overall). Your perspective starts to shift from fixating on what you don’t have to the things you do have, and that alone is pretty darn powerful.

Do you live minimally? What’s one of the biggest benefits you’ve personally experienced?

by Meghan Livingstone

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  1. Kayla

    This post is encouraging to the journey I’m on, now. I’ve always known how clutter a messes effect my mood, but until this past year, never really did too much about it. It seemed impossible to “fix” it. This journey is the best decision of my life, and this post fuels that fire and excitement even more.

    • Meghan

      Yay! So happy to hear this Kayla. The journey of simplifying life is a wonderful one đŸ™‚


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