Beef & Broccoli Stir Fry

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Stir fry’s make excellent weeknight meals, and this easy Beef & Broccoli Stir Fry with garlic, ginger, and soy sauce is sure to make it onto your weekly rotation.

I have fond memories of eating this Beef & Broccoli stir fry when I was about 5 weeks pregnant. I hadn’t yet experienced food aversions, and my appetite and taste for food was really heightened. So much so, that when my husband and I sat down to eat this meal, I sat there as I took each bite, eyes closed, basically having an out-of-body food experience. It was just so good.

Now this experience was slightly altered because, y’know, hormones. But! I promise it’s still a most delicious stir fry that I know you and your family will love. Especially if you’re looking for a meal that’s quick and easy to make during the week.

I mean, how can you go wrong with garlic, ginger, soy sauce, beef…?

It’s the ultimate combination.

How to Make Beef & Broccoli Stir Fry

To make this recipe, you’ll need:

  • beef strips
  • brown rice
  • broccoli
  • peas
  • avocado oil
  • toasted sesame oil
  • garlic
  • fresh ginger
  • soy sauce (or coconut aminos)

First, you’ll want to get the rice started cooking in a pot. Meanwhile, you’ll sauté garlic and ginger in avocado oil. Then add beef, sesame oil, and soy sauce. Finally, you’ll add in chopped broccoli florets and peas until cooked. Once the rice is fully cooked, add it to your beef mixture and stir well. Done!

Beef & Broccoli Stir Fry

A quick yet incredibly flavourful beef stir fry with garlic, ginger, and soy sauce.

Course Main Course
Servings 4 servings
Author Meghan Livingstone


  • 1 lb stir-fry beef strips
  • 1 cup uncooked brown rice (cooked with 2 cups water)
  • 1 head broccoli, chopped into small pieces
  • 1/2 cup frozen peas
  • 3 tbsp avocado oil
  • 1/2 tsp toasted sesame oil
  • 3 cloves garlic, minced
  • 2-inch chunk fresh ginger, minced
  • 3-4 tbsp soy sauce or tamari (or coconut aminos; you will want to add some extra salt to this recipe if using coconut aminos)


  1. Add rice to pot with water and cook.

  2. Meanwhile, sauté garlic and ginger in pan with avocado oil. Then add beef, sesame oil, and soy sauce.

  3. Once cooked, add in chopped broccoli and peas until cooked.

  4. Once rice is fully cooked, add it to your beef mixture and stir well. Serve hot.

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by Meghan Livingstone

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  1. Sarah

    This looks very tasty.
    And congratulations on your pregnancy! That’s wonderful news, Meghan. I hope for a complication-free pregnancy and child birth experience and a healthy baby.


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