About Meghan

If I could sum up my beliefs in just a few words, I’d say that I believe in living simply and having a balanced approach to wellness.

Where it all started

My mission in life has always been to do what I love as much as possible. When I was younger I remember trying to decide between pursuing graphic design, culinary arts, and nutrition. I’ve always loved art and design and I grew up with an innate interest in health and the human body. It wasn’t until after several life changes (and epiphanies) at the age of 18 that I found myself on the path of simple, natural living.

I decided to pursue nutrition and became a Certified Holistic Nutritionist in 2012. I’ve always found joy in writing and first entered the world of blogging back in 2010 with a poetry blog (which quickly became one of my favourite places to express myself creatively, even to this day). This later developed into the blog and other creative social platforms you can find me on today.

Through all the topics I’ve covered as a content creator over the years, my fundamental beliefs have always revolved around being keenly attuned to what feels right, in life and in health. I live with my intuition and my values as my compass, and inspiration for doing the same is what you’ll find here on my blog and YouTube channel. Helping you find a fulfilling way of eating and living that’s true to you is what I’m all about.

My Health Journey

My health has not been without complications. In my early twenties I found myself dealing with troubling digestive symptoms after a bacterial infection in my gut (C. difficile gastroenteritis) which led to the diagnosis of post-infectious Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). My experiences with IBS fuelled a passion for learning about the digestive system and the fascinating world of the microbiome. I also developed a much greater appreciation for my body and our innate resilience. But my experiences also shaped how and what I’ve eaten over the years and deeply affected my relationship with food. I know first-hand what disordered eating behaviours look and feel like, and it’s one of the reasons why today I value a balanced, non-restrictive approach to eating.

I’m also all-too-familiar with the world of anxiety and depression. I believe it’s important to shed light on mental health and how necessary it is for us to prioritize it, just as we would our physical health. This is one of the many reasons why in my life today I deeply value the art of slowing down and managing stress.

My Food Philosophy

I know how complicated—and sometimes even controversial—the world of nutrition can be. But what I do know to be true is that most of the time, things are not black or white; there are simply different pieces of information on a spectrum. This means that some things may be true in some situations, but not in others. I’m a firm believer in the importance of listening to our bodies. There is no one-size-fits-all diet or lifestyle.

I feel best following an intuitive way of eating and living. This means I do my best to eat what makes me feel great most of the time and make adjustments when needed. Every day is different when it comes to the foods I eat! I value lots of colourful plants (vegetables, fruits, herbs, and leafy greens with my meals), healthy fats, plenty of water, and also animal products like meats and some dairy (organic, locally sourced, or grass-fed when possible). But most importantly, I believe in not being perfect or restrictive. Making space for enjoying food for reasons other than strictly nutrition, like social connection, pleasure, and creativity are important to me. It’s not uncommon for me to be enjoying a glass of wine, a piece of chocolate cake, or some French fries! Good nutrition is an important part of life, but so is not overthinking it.

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