Mornings are my favourite time of day. Although I don’t always wake up super early, I thrive in the mornings when I do, and I at the very least avoid sleeping in late.
There are a few reasons why I love mornings. They always feel like a fresh start, I love making my breakfast and having my little routine, and getting organized and ready for the day just feels downright good. It’s the simple, little things we do each day that add up the most when it comes to our wellbeing, so today’s post is all about healthy morning habits!

6 Healthy Morning Habits


1. Don’t Check Your Phone Right Away

Most of us are very attached to our phones. They’re with us throughout the day, right before bed, and most of the time, immediately when we wake up.
I’m certainly guilty of checking my phone when I first open my eyes, but I notice an enormous difference in my focus, attention levels and even anxiety when I intentionally leave it be and don’t check it until I’ve completed a few other morning tasks.
Having a break from our phones – even little breaks like this – can actually help improve our levels of happiness, believe it or not! Most of us don’t just check our phones for potential messages, but status updates, social happenings, and endless scrolling that unconsciously leads to comparing, anxiety, a lack of presence and we haven’t even gotten out of bed!
Ideally, don’t check your phone for at least 1 hour after waking up. Note how you feel after doing this for a few days! You can make this easier by placing your phone on the other side of your room (instead of your bedside table), or in another room entirely. Using your phone for an alarm? Consider using a regular ol’ alarm clock instead.

2. Start Slowly

It can seem a little foreign to remove ourselves from current habits that may not be the best for us (i.e. checking your phone and scrolling for way too long when you first wake up!) but when we do, we notice the world around us.
Little things like sitting up in bed, taking a few deep breaths, and starting your first few minutes slowly by enjoying things like opening blinds and letting the daylight in can make a huge difference in our mental and emotional health and can set us up for a good rest of our day.
I also understand that every morning is different and sometimes we’re busy or rushed. Try pre-planning a task or two the night before to aid those rushed, running-out-the-door mornings!

3. Make Your Bed

This one is as simple as can be, so much so that I rarely leave my bed un-made anymore! Believe it or not, this simple habit sets us up for a stress-free morning by tidying our space. Our environment has a big impact on our state of mind, and it’s important to maintain it. Going to bed in a clutter-free room is just as important as waking up and getting ready for the day in one. Best part? It takes less than 1 minute (unless you have 400 decor pillows — sorry).
Even just thinking about a neatly-made bed makes my mind feel at ease!

4. Drink Water

Hydrating first thing in the morning is one of the best habits we can have as we’re usually a little dehydrated. It can help us wake up and even provide a dose of caffeine-free energy (yep – often dehydration leads to low energy levels!)
If you’re a coffee drinker, try having a big glass of water before you pour yourself a mug. Even better, for an additional morning boost, add lemon to kickstart digestion.

5. Eat a Nourishing Breakfast

As a nutritionist, I had to mention this one!
There’s no better way to start your day and no better habit to get into than having a digestion-nourishing, brain-fuelling, body-energizing breakfast.
I find that I do well with a bit of intermittent fasting (I actually have more energy, better digestion and feel more alert doing this!) so I’ll often not have breakfast until 10-11am. But regardless, whatever time you eat, make it count.
3 things to keep in mind for the best breakfast is fat, fibre, and protein. These 3 things help balance our blood sugar, maintain balanced energy throughout the day, and keep rollercoaster cravings in check.
A bowl of sugary cereal isn’t going to set you up for feeling balanced throughout the day. Consider things like eggs, avocado, nuts and seeds, steamed greens with turkey sausage (a salad in the morning is a-okay with me!) or a superfood-packed smoothie. Check out my breakfast recipes for inspiration!

6. Review To-Do List

This might just be my very favourite part of my daily morning routine, and one of the greatest habits I ever created for myself. Truly, it’s become a habit for me to always have my agenda nearby in the mornings, and often at night as well to prep me for the next day.
In the mornings I’ll review my to-do list that I may have written the night before, or I’ll add to it by writing down what I need to complete that I didn’t get done the day before. This helps keep us organized, on track, and less overwhelmed for the day ahead.

What’s ONE healthy morning habit you have?
I hope you found these helpful! Be sure to check out my full video below: