10 Ideas For A Healthy & Mindful Morning Routine

by | Jul 7, 2022 | Lifestyle

Here are 10 ideas for creating a healthy and mindful morning routine so you can start your day off on the best foot.

After I got pregnant earlier this year, I quickly fell out of my usual routines and habits — the things that help me feel my best. But in recent weeks as I’ve begun feeling a lot better (the first trimester is no joke!) I’ve really been craving getting back into my daily routine, especially in the morning.

I wanted to share a list of 10 ideas for creating a healthy and mindful morning routine. I’m not suggesting you do ALL of these things every morning, but rather, these are some ideas for perhaps 1-2 things you could incorporate into your day. See which one(s) resonate with you most!

You can also watch my video below:

1. Don’t Check Your Phone Right Away

Whether it’s checking my email or scrolling on social media, every time I check my phone immediately upon waking, I find it drains me before I’ve even gotten out of bed. Giving myself the time and space to get up and carry out a few healthy habits before checking my phone helps to avoid some of that phone-induced-anxiety (work stress, to-do lists), and helps me staying rooted in the here and now.

2. Drink a Glass of Water Before Anything Else

We can get a bit dehydrated through the night so it’s great to rehydrate in the morning. Not only that, it’s great for our digestion, skin, and even energy levels. I always have water after I wake up, before I have breakfast or any other kind of drink.

3. Make a Nourishing Breakfast

It goes without saying that starting our day with nourishing food helps us feel our best and sets us up for feeling good the rest of the day, especially when we focus on getting enough protein, fibre, fat, and complex carbs.

Some of my favourite nourishing breakfasts include:

  • Smoothies, like The Perfect Berry Smoothie
  • Scrambled eggs, whole grain toast, and avocado
  • Veggie Omelette
  • Hearty oatmeal with banana, nut butter, flax, or berries. Try my Banana Walnut Oatmeal!
  • Fruit and high-protein Greek yogurt with nuts and seeds

Some days we’re busier than others and need something quick and easy. It can be super helpful to have some breakfast ideas planned out beforehand, such as with meal planning. That way you have lots of options and ingredients on hand to choose from that you can look forward to.

4. Take Your Supplements

Not all supplements should or need to be taken in the morning, and of course it’s best to speak to your healthcare provider about which ones and when you should take them, but taking a multivitamin with breakfast for example is a great time of day to do it. Having a cue like breakfast time can help you remember to take it.

5. Step Outside for Some Fresh Air

One of my favourite ways to start the day is by opening up some windows or our back door and getting some fresh air, sunshine, and taking a deep breath. Even just stepping outside for a moment or two is beneficial. Getting that morning light is also good for our circadian rhythm, too.

6. Do Some Stretches

Simple stretches can be a fantastic way to start the day. It feels good to move and stretch after sleeping for so many hours! You can do this in bed (see my video on 5 Morning Stretches in Bed), or roll out a yoga mat.

7. Make Your Favourite Beverage Mindfully

I think most of us can agree that preparing our favourite morning beverage, whether that’s tea or coffee or a latte or espresso, is one of the best parts of the day. The ritual, the taste, all of it. Making an effort to slow this ritual down and fully appreciate the experience makes it so much more enjoyable. Take your time boiling the water, steeping your tea, brewing your coffee, and most importantly, sitting down to enjoy it. It’s just not the same when we’re rushing out the door with a to-go cup in hand!

8. Try a New Herbal Tea

Speaking of beverages, trying out a new one, particularly a new herbal tea, can be a wonderful thing to try. It’s nice to switch things up sometimes, but there are also many herbal teas that have a plethora of health benefits. Some of my favourites include green tea, peppermint, ginger.

9. Play Calming Music

I absolutely love putting on some calming music in the morning. It seriously creates such a calming vibe that can help you carry that feeling into the rest of your day. I use Apple Music and I’ll often just search “meditation”, “spa”, or “yoga” and see what playlists pop up. I also have a few folk or acoustic playlists I like, too.

10. Journal

Many of you know that I’m an avid journaler, and while anytime of day is a good time, such as before bed, I find the morning is especially nice. It gives you an opportunity to sit in quiet (hopefully!) either with your tea or coffee or even some nice music playing, and get out what’s on your mind. You can also use it as an opportunity to create a bit of a to-do list, or just to simply express any stressors that are weighing on you before you carry on with your day.

Read my post on How to Start Journaling + 25 Journal Prompts for Personal Growth if you want to learn more!

I hope you found this post helpful! What are some of your favourite healthy or mindful morning habits?

by Meghan Livingstone

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    I never knew how important a morning routine can be to one’s health. It is definitely a work in progress, but I definitely notice a difference when I don’t do my morning ritual.
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