From what I hear, 2016 has been a tough year for many – including myself. This past year was full of big changes and big decisions made on my part, and it certainly hasn’t been easy.

The end of the year is an excellent time to reflect on the previous twelve months. I always strive to maintain the belief that every challenge, every hardship, and every hurdle has the power to teach us something: about ourselves, about other people, about what we did really well, or about what we could have done differently so that we can make better choices in the future. Furthermore, we can see how things perhaps made us wiser, stronger, more courageous, more confident, or more compassionate.


How Will You Choose to Think?

My favourite thing about being a human is that we have the power to think positively or negatively about a situation, and whichever mindset we choose to have is what will shape our beliefs, our emotions, and our actions, too. It’s not always an easy feat to think positively when you’re struggling with a stressful decision, or being told terrible news, or find yourself in the same situation over and over, but it is easy to modify negative or discouraging thoughts that frequent many of our weary minds, if even just a little.


Everything, good or bad, will change.


We Create Our Lives

One of the principles that I live by, day in and day out, is that we create our lives. We are the creator of our lives. What does this mean?

Creating our life means that we have the choice to decide who we spend our time with, the things we do, the activities we partake in, what we eat, and how often we get outside. It also means we get to choose how we treat other people, how we live by our values and whether or not we choose to take the steps to achieve the goals we’ve set out for ourselves.


Creating our lives is all about doing what we can to live a life that we envision for ourselves; the life that we dream about.


Things are not always easy, and although there is a lot that is out of our control, there’s a lot that’s in our control, too. Take the time to write out all of the things you’d like to see for yourself in the year ahead; the goals you’d like to achieve, the things you’d like to do, and what you’d like to prioritize. Let’s make it happen together in 2017, because we totally, completely, can.


What’s Your Word for 2017?

At the end of the year I always like to choose a word that I’d like to represent the year ahead; a word that I want to embrace for the coming months.

My word for 2017 is trust. Trust that I know what’s right for me, that we all know what’s right for us, and that everything will work out just fine. Because it always does.



Check out my video below on overcoming hardships and creating your life, and be sure to leave me a comment below with your word for 2017!