I’m starting to get pretty excited to head to Scotland in a few weeks with my dad and my brothers! My dad is from Scotland and he got the four of us tickets for Christmas to visit family and do some exploring.
The holidays I’ve been on over the past few years have all been to Europe, funnily enough. I went to England and France in 2015, Ireland last summer, and off I go again in the same direction. Because I’ve made this trip a few times before, I’m now as prepared as can be for ensuring I have the most comfortable (and healthy) trip possible!
From supplements to superfoods, here are my top 10 healthy travel essentials:

Top 10 Healthy Travel Essentials


Probiotics while traveling can be incredibly helpful. Whether you have a sensitive gut (like I do) or not, sometimes traveling abroad can result in some GI upset, either from eating unfamiliar foods, being exposed to new bacteria or pathogens, and even just from the wonky schedule that can occur with time changes or being in a new environment.
Probiotics help support our immune system (80% of it is in our gut after all), support optimal digestive function, and help prevent traveler’s diarrhea.

Digestive Enzymes

I take digestive enzymes sometimes because of IBS to help support my digestion, and if I’m traveling, you can BET those puppies are coming with me. Of course I do my best to eat and stay as healthy as possible while away from home, but the reality is sometimes it’s a little tricky to find the best possible foods while on-the-go, and digestive enzymes can really help to prevent bloating and upset stomach.
Melatonin is the hormone in our body that makes us sleepy, and when taken as a supplement, can be very useful for jet lag to help to reset your sleep schedule during time changes (it’s a 5 hour difference between Ontario, Canada and Scotland!)
I take 3mg when boarding the overnight flight so I can hopefully get a little extra rest on the plane to ease the transition. My previous experiences with time changes has been quite horrible!

Herbal Tea

I’m all about supporting digestion at any time, but while traveling especially! Traveling can be really hard on your gut and can disrupt its routine drastically, depending on where you’re going. Herbal teas always come with me, namely peppermint (also great in capsules), ginger, and fennel. It’s easy to ask for hot water on the plane and they’re great to have with you where you’re staying (hotel, Air BnB, with friends or family). Of course, asking for a peppermint tea at a restaurant is usually doable, and a great way to soothe an angry gut.
I also like other herbal teas simply for enjoyment to drink wherever I’m staying.

Snack bars

Healthy grab-and-go snacks are absolute essentials while traveling. You never know what foods will be available in the interim from place to place, and who doesn’t get hungry when you’re on the road?!
Some of my favourites include: Lara Bar, Nomz, Koukla, as well as grass-fed meat sticks, organic no-sugar-added fruit leathers, and seaweed snacks.

Greens Powders

Bringing some powdered greens with you is another great way to obtain a boost of nutrition when it may otherwise seem a little tricky. I like to bring convenient single serve packets that I can easily throw in my purse or bag, and simply mix it into water. Depending on where I’m traveling to, having my reusable water bottle is very handy for staying hydrated (traveling is very dehydrating) and for mixing my greens powders in.


Deodorant is a no-brainer essential and I love the little containers that Routine Cream offers, or the mini sized deodorants by Schmidt’s. These small sizes are great for travel and you don’t need to sacrifice healthy armpits because they’re aluminum free and full of all the good stuff.

Lip Balm

I’m a lip balm fanatic, so this definitely comes with me! There may not be anything worse in life than dry, chapped lips and nothing to save you from the misery of it. I’ll pack lip balm not only my purse, but my toiletry bag and suitcase, so I have it literally everywhere – just in case I lose one!

Face Oil/Moisturizer

I’ve always been prone to dry skin so traveling with my moisturizer is a must-have, especially since planes can be very dehydrating for our skin. I’m a big fan of using oils on my skin, and right now I’m using grapeseed and rosehip seed oil!

Hand sanitizer

I’m not a germaphobe by any means, but because I can’t bring a sink with me and you never know when you’re gonna need to wash your hands when you’re away from home, I like to bring a travel-sized hand sanitizer with me. It really comes in handy!
Check out my video below for more details on all the products I love!