3 Ways to Simplify Your Daily Life

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Our lives will never be perfectly orderly, but these 3 ways to simplify your daily life can help streamline the flow of our days so we can experience more joy and relaxation, feel less overwhelmed, and have better time management so we can enjoy the things that matter most!

We’re well into spring and summer is fast approaching, but springtime nonetheless is the ultimate time for starting afresh in a myriad of ways. One of the things that I love to do during these sorts of changing seasons is to simplify, especially after months of cold winter where we have a tendency to hold on and hold in. Spring, to me, represents letting go and lightening up.




1. Declutter / Let Go

Decluttering is a pretty obvious one when it comes to simplifying our life, but I want to elaborate on it and share a few easy, practical steps for getting started and tackling the clutter!

The whole concept of overall simplifying our lives involves surrounding ourselves with only what we use, need, and love, and in order to achieve this, there is an element of letting go and taking the time to really decide what we want around us. This sometimes includes people or places that don’t serve us either, but today we’ll just focus on stuff.

There’s a ton of ways we can go about decluttering our life. So where do we begin?

Start Small

Choose a category to start with that you’ve really been wanting to declutter (something that’s been on your mind or stresses you out when you think about it). This could be:

  • makeup
  • wardrobe (learn how to make a capsule wardrobe here)
  • tupperware cupboard
  • pantry
  • drawers
  • desk
  • closet
  • boxes under the bed

It’s helpful to focus on smaller areas first because even though we may want to declutter our entire bedroom, basement, or laundry room, it takes time and can be overwhelming, so start small!

Sift, Sort & Let Go

Take everything out of the space you’ve chosen to tackle and let go of anything that you don’t use, need, or love. Take a moment to really think about this: which things do you use, need, love and value having around you?

Questions to ask when decluttering:

  • Do I use this everyday, or most days?
  • Does this come in handy for me regularly?
  • When was the last time I used this?
  • Is this necessary for me to keep for an occasional use? Do I know I will use this?
  • Is this something that needs to be filed or stored for legitimate reasons?
  • Is this item required for me to complete x task?
  • Do I actually like or need this item, or has it always been stored hidden away in a box because I don’t know what to do with it?
  • Why have I been holding on to this item? How will parting with it, or keeping it, impact me?
  • Does this item make me feel happy? Does it mean something to me?
  • Can/will I reuse or repurpose this?

These questions act as a filter so you can determine exactly what is clutter and what isn’t. Ask yourself these questions, too, when making purchases or bringing something new into your space.


To Keep or Not to Keep?

Deciding which items to let go of can be tough: it’s so easy to hold on to things that we think we might use in the future or were given to us. Obviously, if something has sentimental value, then keep it! This isn’t about rigidity or living strictly; the goal is to just be aware of the “stuff” we tend to hang on to that we can, in fact, let go of!

Once you’ve decided which things you use, need, love – and which things you don’t – make a trip to your local thrift store, donate to charity, give away to friends, discard, or sell. I’m a big fan of the app VarageSale and I’ve used Kijiji many times, too.


Have fun with the process of decluttering: turn on some music and enjoy the feeling of letting go! Letting go of things that don’t serve us feels so freeing, reduces anxiety and overwhelm and can take a huge weight off our shoulders (that we did or didn’t even realize was there).


Bigger decluttering projects can be done every once in a while, but decluttering can also be done in very small ways, all the time, without even realizing it! We do this by doing as we go.


2. Keep Space Tidy / Do As You Go

Keeping our space tidy is often much easier said than done, but it feels great and there’s one simple trick for making this very easy and doable!

Keeping your space tidy becomes easier when you have less unnecessary belongings, but regardless, one of the ways you can maintain tidiness is by doing as you go. This has become an important practice in my life because it’s so easy and effective at maintaining a tidy, neat space, but also as a result, making you feel more relaxed by having an organized space. There’s nothing worse than going to bed with a messy room or waking up to a messy kitchen!


What is Doing As You Go? + How To Do It

Doing as you go is the idea that you should do small tasks as they come up so they don’t build up to one giant ball of having 100 things to do. Examples include:

  • hanging up your coat
  • putting a dish in dishwasher/washing a dish
  • open the mail and deal with it accordingly
  • make bed
  • put flat iron away
  • put clothes in drawer or hang up in closet
  • respond to emails or clear or file emails as they come in
  • use up leftovers (you can also save money by not forgetting leftovers you put in the back of your fridge!)

The state of your environment can say a lot about the state of your mind.


Take a look around you and notice if things are cluttered or not. This can give you some insight into needing a bit of mental organization or time management – which I can totally relate to – my brain is all over the place and I’m easily distracted. This is why my next point is so handy: make lists!


3. Make Lists

I have talked time and time again about my love for making lists! Keeping a to-do list, having an agenda or a calendar on your wall or utilizing the notes app on your phone, simply helps to organize your thoughts.

Consider making a list for just about everything! Grocery list, to-do list, goal list, plans list, creative ideas, etc.

Making a daily to-do list helps keep you on track and helps you develop healthy habits. Get into the habit of writing one! I write a to-do list every morning or every night before bed to set me up for the day, and the items I didn’t tackle get added on to the following day.


Having a routine – a set of actions we repeat around the same time each day – not only helps us maintain healthy habits, but allows us to practice better time management by organizing our days.


Of course, we don’t need to schedule every possible thing, but it helps to jot down the basics or things that float around our mind that we don’t want to forget.



Start small, take your time, and have fun; simplifying is a highly enjoyable process that yields countless benefits.


What’s 1 thing you do to simplify your life?

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by Meghan Livingstone

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