For quite a while now I’ve wanted to do a bit of a liver cleanse, not only to help detoxify my body, but to also help balance hormones. The liver plays an enormous role in filtering our blood and ridding things like excess estrogens, and this liver detox tea recipe is the perfect way to support it!

I’ve been noticing a variety of hormone related symptoms like breakouts around my period and other menstrual-related annoyances, so alongside completely eliminating dairy and reducing gluten in my diet, I thought it about time to support my liver with some serious herbs!

For this tea recipe I chose teabags out of convenience, but you can definitely use loose leaf herbs as well, simmer them in a pot, and strain them.





1 teabag each of: milk thistle, dandelion leaf, red clover, yarrow


Place your teabags in your choice of container (I like to use a 250ml mason jar) and fill to top with boiling water. Steep tea overnight for highest potency. Consume in morning. Can reheat if desired.

I like to drink this tea in the morning after I’ve had a full glass of water. Any time of day is fine, however, though most herbs are best taken away from meals. I enjoy the natural herby, grassy flavour but you can add a squeeze of lemon or drop of honey if you prefer.


Liver Detox Tea Benefits

Milk Thistle

Milk Thistle is an excellent liver supportive herb. It soothes mucous membranes, and helps increase bile secretion from the gallbladder. Milk thistle is most often used for an array of liver and gallbladder issues, and is also known an a galactagogue: it helps to stimulate milk flow for breastfeeding mothers. Hooray!


Dandelion Root + Leaf

There are a few differences between dandelion root and leaf, but both are wonderful and beneficial. Dandelion root is, more specifically, a liver tonic. It helps to stimulate liver function as well as provide anti-inflammatory and mild anti-fungal support.

Dandelion leaf is more of a diuretic. It is rich in vitamins A and C, and an excellent source of potassium. The cool thing about dandelion leaf and its fun diuretic properties is that unlike drug-based diuretics that cause a large loss of vital potassium in the body, dandelion is actually a good source of potassium, and is therefore a great, safe alternative.* For this tea I chose dandelion leaf because I feel that the milk thistle is sufficient liver support, and I like that the diuretic properties of dandelion leaf hone in on the flushing of the kidneys and urinary system.


Red Clover

I think Red Clover is my favourite out of all of them! Red Clover is an incredible blood purifier making it excellent for skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis. Note that Red Clover is also a bit of a blood thinner, so should be avoided in the presence of certain medications and conditions, including while menstruating. Red Clover is very high in vitamins and trace minerals, and is also known to help balance hormones.



For this tea I consider Yarrow to be optional, only because it’s not necessarily specific for liver detox. However, I chose to include it in the blend because I love that it is a female normalizer. It’s helpful for PMS, menopause, and other hormone related concerns. It’s also helpful for fevers, wounds, blood pressure, and urinary tract infections.



Have you ever done a liver detox? Let me know if you give these liver detox tea a try!

Check out my how-to video below: