It’s holiday season and that means friends, family, fun, and for a lot of us, alcohol! It also means a whole lot of hangovers, too.

I definitely enjoy a good drink, especially during the holiday season (Pinot, anyone?), but thankfully I’ve got a handful of tips to prevent hangovers because I am not a fan of feeling like crap the next day. Please note that these tips don’t make you immune to the effects of alcohol! They are however very helpful.




This is definitely an obvious point, but many of us don’t stop and think about water when we’re busy drinking our other drinks! I have three points here on water:
  1. Drink water in between each serving of alcohol to help dilute the alcohol content in your body, support liver function, and stay hydrated (ish). This greatly reduces your chances of feeling awful the next day.
  2. Drink water before bed. I can’t emphasize this one enough! Not only do I recommend drinking water before bed, but I suggest you basically guzzle it until you can’t stomach it anymore (think a couple large glasses of water). This is especially helpful if you’ve had a bit too much to drink.
  3. Add a squeeze of fresh lemon to your water in the morning, or to a mug of hot water, to help support liver function – something you’ll really need!



Skip the sugary cocktails and coolers. Sugar + alcohol can almost guarantee a major headache and upset stomach the next day. If you’re going to have a cocktail, stick to just one or two and drink that water!


B-vitamin supplements can be very helpful at preventing hangovers. This is because alcohol can deplete our B-vitamin stores which are important as they aid your liver in processing alcohol. Be sure to opt for a B-Complex, which contains each of the B-vitamins.


Ginger is an anti-emetic herb which means it prevents nausea and vomiting. Gingers active constituents help to regulate digestive function. In fact, according to this article:
…Ginger acts peripherally, within the gastrointestinal tract, by increasing the gastric tone and motility.
Ginger can be eaten fresh (great in smoothies or grated into a hot drink), dried, powdered or taken as a tea, tincture, or in capsules. I’m a big fan of ginger tea, personally!


You may be craving all kinds of things the next day, but if you can stomach it, try my Lemon Ginger smoothie. It’s one of my favourite immune-boosting blends, but it’s just as good for liver support!


I had to include this point, because not drinking at all is one way to absolutely guarantee no hangover the next day.
If you’re rolling your eyes, I totally understand. But if you are actually curious about some alcohol-alternatives, try these:
  • Kombucha (a bubbly fermented tea beverage)
  • Sparkling water with lime or berries
  • Ginger beer (found at health food stores)

What tips do you have for preventing hangovers?