This healthy jello recipe is so fun and easy to make, plus it has gut- and joint-soothing properties thanks to the gelatin, a fantastic protein-rich food.

When you think of jello you probably envision little colourful rectangular boxes with a packet of powder inside, or a bowl of lime green or bright red or orange. I loved jello growing up, but it was definitely always a “treat” and never considered healthy, and rightly so – artificial colours, synthetic flavours and refined sugars are certainly not welcome in my diet!

The Scoop on Gelatin

Gelatin, the ingredient in our beloved packages of Jello that’s responsible for making it wiggly and jiggly is much more than just a jiggle-maker. I’ve been exploring gelatin and collagen powder the past couple months and it has become a little staple for me for adding to different recipes as a nutritional boost.

Similar to bone broth (due to its gelatin/collagen content) the health benefits are varied and include:

  • intestinal lining support (and can help with leaky gut)
  • supports the integrity of our joints
  • rich in protein
  • great for hair, skin, and nails

There are all kinds of uses for gelatin, including gummies, as an egg replacement, to thicken puddings or other desserts, and of course, jello!




To make jello you’ll need only two ingredients: gelatin and juice. Fresh is best, so if possible, juice your own fresh fruits! If you’re using store-bought juice, make sure it has no added sugar or artificial flavours or colours. When I use store bought juice, I like to dilute it because it’s so sweet. I use a 1:1 ratio of juice to water, but sometimes I’ll dilute it even more.

Be sure to look for grass-fed and pasture-raised gelatin. Great Lakes and Vital Proteins are two of my favourite brands.

Healthy Jello Recipe

An easy and fun jello recipe with gut- and joint-healing benefits, thanks to the gelatin!

Servings 4 cups


  • 2 cups juice any flavour you like
  • 2 cups boiling water
  • 4 tbsp pasture-raised gelatin


  1. Add boiling water to medium-sized bowl

  2. Whisk in gelatin until dissolved and there are no clumps present

  3. Stir in juice until combined

  4. *Optional: remove any foam on top with spoon or small sieve

  5. Transfer to refrigerator and let solidify for 3-4 hours or overnight



Have you ever made homemade jello before?


Leave me a comment and be sure to watch my video below on my good friend Leigh and I whipping it up! Leigh is new to YouTube so be sure to check out her channel!