Affirmations are powerful. They can positively influence our life, how we feel, and ultimately, shift our thoughts and our beliefs about ourselves or about something. There are so many benefits to repeating positive affirmations to ourselves regularly.

Negative self-talk is widespread and can be very automatic for a lot of people, myself included at times. The thing is that the brain believes and internalizes what it is told over and over again. This can be detrimental, or, it can be really useful (and pretty darn amazing).

What we tell ourselves can impact the choices that we make either negatively or positively – it can make you more afraid of doing things because you believe you can’t do it, or it can make you believe you can, and that you can overcome whatever is standing in your way.


The more we believe something, the more we can act on it and achieve it.


I find it insanely refreshing when I say something positive to myself, even if initially I know I’m only saying it. Whether it be saying what it is that you want to achieve, how you want to feel, or the life you dream of living, positive affirmations can very quickly begin to feel real. You begin to own it and all of a sudden there are more and more moments of “yes, I can do this! And I can find a way to make it happen.” It’s powerful.

So today I’m going to share with you some tools and some positive phrases that you can use to change your life! Your thoughts are the very beginning, the very budding stage, of your emotions, your choices, and your actions.




Where to Start

When you say affirmations, say them as if you’ve already achieved them; as if you already feel the way you want to feel, look the way you want to look, or are living the way you want to live. Additionally, you can put an emphasis on phrases that reverse negative self-talk that you tend to think or say most frequently.

Try sitting in front of a mirror and speaking directly to yourself.


Write It as if You’ve Already Achieved it

Write down the goals you want to achieve. Then, re-write them as if you have already achieved them. Examples might be:

  • I have an amazing, fulfilling career
  • I am healthier than I’ve ever been and I make healthy choices every day
  • I am happy and at peace with my life
  • I am financially secure
  • I have a loving partner


Reverse your Negative Self-Talk

Take your negative phrases and reverse them by simply swapping them out for positive alternatives:

I’m not good enough I am more than good enough
I’m not confident I am confident
I can’t do it I can do it, and I will make it happen. It’s not only possible, it’s inevitable.
I have no friends I am loved; I always have opportunities to meet like-minded people
I’m useless I am valuable and I have so much to offer
I’m not smart enough I am smart and I know so much


My Top 10 Affirmations for Living an Amazing Life

These are somewhat general but they’re phrases that I think everybody needs to hear and ones we can all relate to at different points in our daily lives. Repeat them to yourself if you’d like to, or simply read them through in your mind.

1. I live in a universe of possibilities
2. Amazing things are going to happen. I attract abundance and good things into my life.
3. I am safe and everything will work out for my highest good.
4. I trust my intuition and inner knowing.
5. I am a better, stronger person for the hardships I’ve overcome. I have incredible strength within me and I am resilient.
6. I attract healthy relationships.
7. I value health and self-care. I love my body.
8. I am confident and talented. I approve of myself and I have so much to offer.
9. The answers I need are always around and within me. I make good choices.
10. I am not my past; I am creating my future and building an amazing life for myself.



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