Need a little step-by-step guide to get you started on your path to minimalism? Whether you’re interested in simplifying your life or just looking to do a good de-clutter, I’ve broken everything down for you in my 7 Day Guide to Minimalism.



It feels so good to de-clutter the junk in our lives. But it can be overwhelming, too, especially when we consider all the different areas in our lives that accumulate “stuff”. From our wardrobe to our kitchen, sometimes we end up with way more than we realize!

Use the worksheet below to guide you through 7 days to minimalism, a step-by-step de-cluttering guide focusing on seven main categories.




As you simplify and de-clutter over the next 7 days, remember:

1. There are no rules! Go at your own pace. If any category takes you longer or slower, that’s perfectly fine.

2. Ask Questions: If you’re unsure about discarding certain items, ask yourself if you use it, need it, or love it. Minimalism isn’t about getting rid of everything you own, it’s about getting rid of what you don’t value or don’t find useful. Enjoy your favourite things, whatever they are, and let go of the rest.

3. Donate, Reuse, Recycle: I love repurposing glass jars as candle holders. See if there are any items that you can reuse or repurpose, and if not, donate or recycle when applicable. Making a trip to your local thrift store always feels good!



Are you ready to do some de-cluttering? Keep me posted on how it goes for you by leaving me a comment below!