6 Powerful Mindsets for Success and Achieving Any Goal

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The mindsets we have about our goals are often just as important as the steps we take toward them, and these 6 powerful mindsets for success and achieving any goal are exactly what have helped me achieve many of my goals.

Let me begin this post by saying… holy CRAP. On Christmas Day my YouTube channel hit 100,000 subscribers. It was the most wonderful “gift” I could receive this holiday season, and an overall pinch-me-worthy milestone. I’ve been blogging and making videos for several years now and it is beyond exciting to reach this mark.

In light of the new year approaching and my recent milestone I wanted to share some powerful mindsets that have helped me achieve my goals over the years. Not only my goals of growing my YouTube channel, but a myriad of others as well. These mindsets can be applied to absolutely any area of your life.

I’ve learned that the mindsets we have about our goals are often just as important as the steps we take toward them.

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1. Believe It

Believing that you will achieve your goal or dream is the cornerstone to success. It may seem elusive or make you want to roll your eyes when you hear someone say “just believe in yourself!” but when we can affirm that we are going to do something instead of just hoping, our behaviour changes.

I’ve learned that when you have a goal you want to achieve, it’s not a matter of hoping you’ll reach it. It’s a matter of when or how.

There have definitely been times where I’ve questioned if some of my goals are unrealistic or even feasible [or insert other convincing fear here], but even though I’ve experienced doubt – and still will – I never discarded a solid underlying belief that I was going to succeed in many of the dreams I’ve had. And guess what? Those are the very ones I achieved.

2. Energy Flows Where Attention Goes

You’ve may have heard of this saying before: energy flows where attention goes. Or like Tony Robbins says, “where focus goes, energy flows”. All this means is that whatever is the primary focus of your attention will become the most prominent in your life. It’s as simple as that.

You can probably think of many scenarios where you’ve had laser precise attention on something, perhaps a specific fear or concern, and it literally becomes your reality. Your decisions and actions unintentionally cater to it, and in other words, all your energy floods toward it.

While this can impact us negatively, we also have the ability to use this to our advantage. Be clear about what it is you want, be relentless about achieving it, and the more you focus on it, the more your energy will inevitably flow toward it.

3. Persistence

Persistence is a powerful force. I’ve learned this first-hand. But what does it really mean to be persistent? Let’s pull up Google’s definition, shall we? Persistence is…

Continuing firmly or obstinately in a course of action in spite of difficulty or opposition.

Difficulty can come in the form of unforeseeable roadblocks or even our own made-up fears. But here’s the thing to remember: There will always be ups and downs. Always, forever, throughout your entire life.

Don’t be surprised when there’s a setback and instead remember that it isn’t about the setback itself, but what we do with it. We can either let setbacks discourage us enough to give up, or let them discourage us, but keep going forward anyway.

Don’t fear setbacks or let them hold you back from moving forward. Because it’s only when you’ve chosen to keep going despite difficulty that you realize how friggin far you’ve come.

4. Celebrate Small Successes

You know what boosts our self-esteem, gives us encouragement, and helps churn the pot of momentum? Recognizing the little steps that we’ve taken toward our goal. Yep. Even the seemingly “insignificant” ones.

Don’t underestimate the importance of little achievements. After all, it’s the small things that add up to the biggest things over time. By giving recognition to your small successes, you’re switching your focus from what you haven’t done to what you have done and this alone helps to propel us forward with encouraging momentum.

5. Don’t Compare

We’ve all been there. I certainly know what it’s like to play the comparison game that creeps up on us when we see others’ success. But I’ve also learned this: that instead of putting ourselves down or focusing on other people’s seemingly greener grass, we can use it as an opportunity to be inspired.

Witnessing others’ success is merely a way for us to recognize that it’s possible. It’s the classic “if they can do it, I can do it too”. Don’t be afraid of being happy for others and using it as an opportunity to realize our own potential.

6. You Don’t Have to Have It All Figured Out

Hands up if you’ve put off getting started on something meaningful to you because you just don’t “feel like it’s the right time yet”? Yeah. Same. Like, a hundred times over.

We often wait and wait and wait until the “perfect” time before we begin. To have everything prepped first, to have the best equipment first, to have the best education first, to have all the workout gear first. You name it. And while some theory and a bit of prep work can undoubtedly be beneficial, sometimes it can become an unintentional, anxiety-riddled method of putting off what we really need to do, which is to just get started. Get your hands dirty. Get in there. Get goin’.

Here’s the thing. We often won’t feel 100% ready for something until we just get started somewhere. It’s the first step you take that will give you the confidence you’re looking for. It’s starting somewhere, even if you feel like things aren’t yet “perfect”, that will give you the experience you need to pave your path. The challenges you face and the mistakes you make will ultimately teach you exactly what you need to know along the way.

I promise.

I’m wishing you a most beautiful 2019 filled with all kinds of success. Happy New Year!

by Meghan Livingstone

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