5 Effective Ways to Eat Less Sugar

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I can’t lie. I know all too well just how powerful sugar can be and I’m no stranger to the uncontrollable cravings that can sometimes come along with it. Sugar can be quite the drug and I think for the most part, we all have good intentions when it comes to knowing how much is too much or choosing better options for ourselves. Although, putting those intentions into actions isn’t always an easy feat when it comes to sugar.
Refined, processed sugars literally lend zero benefits for us (besides being delicious, so there’s that I guess) but truly, it yields no nutritional value and unfortunately, the disadvantages to its overconsumption far outweigh the good! Reducing the amount of added sugars we consume can improve digestion, mood, immune function, and reduce bloating to name a few.
But no need to fear because there absolutely are ways to kick it out of your diet if it’s something that seems to make an appearance more often than you’d like! Here are 5 effective ways to eat less sugar.

5 Effective Ways to Eat Less Sugar

1. Cook Homemade Meals (and snacks)
This tip is pretty simple and maybe obvious, but make homemade meals from scratch! This drastically helps us reduce our sugar intake because we’re in complete control of the ingredients we buy and bring into our kitchen, and ultimately, what we put into our bodies.
When it comes to sugar or junk food, remember: out of sight out of mind. If you don’t have it near you by choosing not to buy those things, you wont be as inclined to eat them.
Making things from home is also important for those classic sugar-laden foods like salad dressings and snack bars, which are so easy to make yourself!
2. Read Package Labels
The reality is that even if we do cook often, we still buy things in packages, and there’s nothing wrong with that. But we can reduce the amount of sugar in the packages we by simply by reading package labels. Become familiar with labels, specifically the ingredient list, which tells you everything that’s in it (regardless of how much protein or vitamin C it says it has). Sugar is often hidden where we least expect it, such as pasta sauces, condiments, and even table salt, so be aware of what’s inside of the packages you pick up at the store.
3. Be Prepared
This might just be the most important tip. Being prepared is one of the biggest keys to reducing sugar because when we’re stocked up on foods for whipping up east snacks and other recipes, we’re far more likely to reach for convenient packages of foods often high in sugar. I’m entirely guilty of this: if I’m ever unprepared and lacking ingredients, I’m far more inclined to grab a snack bar or something of the sort.
This is seriously important when we’re heading to work, school, or out for the day. Be prepared by being stocked up on healthy foods and ingredients as often as possible, it’s a game changer!
4. Balance blood sugar
Blood sugar irregularity from eating sweets or very carbohydrate-rich foods creates a spike in blood sugar and subsequent crash, which invariably leads to more sugar cravings as a result, in our body’s attempt to balance itself. So the solution to avoiding wild sugar cravings in the first place? Balanced blood sugar!
There are 3 things to consider when keeping our blood sugar balanced: Fat, fibre, and protein. These three things are digested slower by our body thereby helping to slow down the rate that glucose enters out bloodstream, and they also help us feel satisfied and fuller longer.
Blood sugar balancing foods include: eggs, fish, coconut, coconut milk, olives, and nuts seeds such as flax, hemp, and chia.
5. Cut the Refined Carbs
Many people are unaware that refined carbohydrates such as bread, pasta, bagels, rice and crackers, can impact our blood sugar sometimes just as much as white sugar as they break down rapidly into simple sugars. Be aware of how much refined carbs you eat and be sure to pair carbohydrates with fat, fibre, and protein to bring some balance into the mix. Although I do eat select gluten-free grains, I don’t go overboard because of how they tends to impact my energy and cravings throughout the day.
Tell me: are you a sugar lover? Share ONE thing that helps you reduce your sugar intake in the comments below.

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