10 Things to Get Rid Of For a Healthy, Minimalist Life

by | Nov 15, 2018 | Minimalism

Minimalism is about more than just material things, and so today I’m diving deep into some intangible things to get rid of for living a healthy, minimalist life.

When we think about minimalism, we often think about physical things and how they impact our lives. When I first began my journey to simplifying my life in 2009, it was definitely about the stuff around me, but there’s more to life than just our belongings. Our thoughts, attitudes, behaviours and choices can all create “clutter” for us, too.

In today’s video I’m collaborating with Ria from The Whole Happy Life to bring you a total of 10 things to get rid of. Give the videos a watch and leave a comment sharing your thoughts!

You can watch Ria’s video here.

What’s ONE thing you’ve gotten rid of that has helped you live healthier or more minimally?

by Meghan Livingstone

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