10 Things I Don’t Buy Anymore

by | Aug 28, 2018 | Minimalism

These 10 things I don’t buy anymore are all items that I used to really enjoy shopping for, but as my appreciation for simple, minimal living has grown over the years, they’ve made it off my list of things to buy or own!

things i don't buy anymore

Over the years as I’ve travelled along my minimalism journey, there have been a number of “things” that I no longer wanted to buy. Partly because there are things that I don’t care for anymore, but also because wasting money on stuff I don’t need isn’t very fun.

Simple living involves discerning the difference between want and need, and these 10 items are neither of those things! If you’re looking for ideas on things you could live without or buy less of to save money and live minimally, then keep reading.


10 Things I No Longer Buy


1. Clothes I Don’t Love

If I’m shopping for a new piece of clothing, I think about 3 things: do I like the way it fits? Will I wear this regularly and long term? Does it match other items in my wardrobe?

I like having a very versatile wardrobe so I also avoid buying clothes that are hard to match with other pieces in my closet, or that can only be worn for special occasions. I have a couple dresses that can be dressed up fancy for events, or dressed down casual.

2. Purses & Handbags

I used to love shopping for handbags! My closet used to be loaded with purses in different sizes, styles and colours, but I decided a year ago that I wanted to downsize to a smaller purse and now I just have one purse and it’s the only one I use… and own!

Since it’s a smaller size, I love that I only bring with me what I need. The basics! No need for filling it up with unnecessary items like I used to.

3. Large Wallets

What comes along with a smaller purse is a smaller wallet. The main reason why I have a small wallet, though, is because I don’t have dozens of cards and coupons that would merit the use of a big one. I used to enjoy buying myself a new oversized rectangular wallet with a zipper or clasp that neatly displayed all the various cards I had.

No need for such a thing anymore! Plus my little wallet fits perfectly in my small purse.

4. Jewellery

To be fair, I actually have never liked wearing a lot of jewellery as I don’t find them comfortable (and earrings tend to make my ears red and itchy) so it’s been a long time since I’ve really cared to shop for it. But in the past I did, and it’s now something I quite literally never shop for.

I have a couple small pairs of earrings from my mom that I’ll wear sometimes, but other than that, there’s no jewellery box full of shiny things for this girl!

5. Souvenirs/Knick-Knacks

Ah, things. Just things.

Anytime I’m traveling I have no issue bypassing gift shops and I’m a-ok with not having a cabinet to display all sorts of collectibles. Not buying souvenirs can make for a significantly cheaper vacation, and I also like avoiding dust collectors. Win-win. The same goes for general knick-knacks that you get at craft shows and other stores and shops.

6. Pre-Made Seasonings/Sauces/Salad Dressings

I always used to buy dressings for my salads and various sauces for cooking, but I now make them all from scratch! It’s really so easy to do and much better for you to boot. You get to choose the ingredients you use which means avoiding preservatives, added sugar, colours, or flavours.


Making homemade salad dressings might be the easiest thing to make. Ever. A little bit of olive oil, apple cider vinegar, maple syrup and dried basil is one of my favourite winning combos.


7. Lotion

I’m talking all the lotions here. Hand lotion, body lotion, facial lotion, shaving cream. These are things that used to fill up my bathroom cupboards, but I now use simple oils like jojoba or blends with argan and they replace all of those things! Multipurpose + cleaner ingredients = a big thumbs up from me.

Sometimes I’ll also use coconut oil or olive oil in my kitchen cupboard. They make a fantastic shaving “cream”!

8. Body Wash

I used to love containers of body wash, but I now prefer simple bars of soap. I like The Soap Works (pumice is one of my favourites). They use super clean ingredients, plus they’re inexpensive also use minimal packaging. No need for large, expensive bottles of body wash!

9. Sales Promotions

You know when you’re checking out at a store and the clerk asks for your email address so you can get 10% off your next purchase of $75 or more? Yeah. I know.

Sales promotions is something no longer buy into. Instead I kindly say “no thanks, I’m not interested” and it’s no big deal. I do think that certain coupons or discounts can come in handy at times, but overall, these sorts of things I avoid.

10. Items Not Yet Used Up

Stocking up or bulk shopping can definitely be useful, but generally speaking, I don’t like to have more than I already have on hand. I like to shop when I need things instead of being tempted by a sale or by something that makes me feel like I need it (even when I don’t).

I typically buy things when they’re used up or close to being used up, which helps me avoid duplicates and unnecessary spending.



What do you think? Have you stopped buying any of these things?


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by Meghan Livingstone

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  1. Olympia

    Hello Meghan!

    I’ve been practicing minimalism for awhile now and sometimes I check out YouTube to see what other minimalists are doing.

    I saw this video on YouTube and I thought, “This woman is a true minimalist.” And I’d say that I agree with everything on this list.

    Lots of people come into my home and they think I just moved in because I don’t have many things. I’m constantly editing and donating and rethinking before I buy something.

    I love the minimalist life. I feel that because of it, I don’t have very stress and that’s the way I like it!

    Thanks again!

    Thank you for the ideas and inspiration!

    • Meghan

      Hi Pia! “Olympia”, lovely name by the way. Glad you stumbled across that video! I know what you mean. I feel less stressed too when I have less belongings/clutter 🙂 It’s funny that people think you just moved, haha. I guess a lot of people are used to seeing homes full of things!

      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Laurie

    I really enjoyed this blog post and the video ????, I find yourceasy going calm personality lovely to watch and listen to, I found you by search healthy eating/ lifestyle and you popped up, I’m battling hashimoto thyriod auto immune disease and my vegan diet isn’t cutting it lol apparently it could even cause it! Your videos are really helpful,

    • Meghan

      Hey Laurie! Thanks so much for your comment. Really happy to hear you’ve been enjoying my blog/videos 🙂 Sorry to hear about your battle with Hashimoto’s — veganism can certainly be tricky with autoimmune conditions as the lectins found in grains and legumes, the cornerstone of a vegan diet, can exacerbate the issue. Good luck on your healing journey and reach out anytime!


  3. Marina Tovar

    Hi Meghan!

    Thank you for so many good things about minimalism that I’m learning with you!
    I love your vídeos!
    Thanks for your help…


    • Meghan

      Thanks for reading Marina! Really glad to hear that 🙂

      Meghan xx

  4. Shila

    Hi Meghan. I am now trying to practice being a minimalist after i realized that i have become a shopping-maniac and i have totally no idea where my money has gone and i failed to get my savings right. This happened when i also realized i have spent so much cash on clothes and bags i don’t really need. And the worst thing was i liked them a little while then after i got bored i would just give it away to someone else. Which i think that was to wasting so much money. So then i have made up my mind something must be done. Thanks to your page i have found support and motivation to keep going on as a minimalist. I am now struggling to save money not only for me but for the sake of my kids’ future too.

  5. Lydia

    Hi, I just found your video on youtube. I am also currently trying to have less stuff, but it’s not easy. I would like to move to the handbags and was wondering, which kind of brand your handbag is. It’s gorgeous!
    And I am pretty impressed by your lifestyle! I wish I could do it as easily as it seems to be for you!
    Regards, Lydia

  6. Sarina

    Hi Meghan, I am always so inspired by your videos! Thank you! I am downsizing my handbags to only own one! It’s kind of difficult to decide what size to go for, though. I was wondering what the dimensions of your purse are as it seems to be of a size to only hold the essentials. Thank you 🙂


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