The Chocolate Blob

I know, I know. This recipe looks a little messy and maybe a little gross. But I assure you, this chocolate goodness may just be the most delicious thing you’ll ever eat. And it only requires 1 bowl and 5 ingredients. I’ve been making a variation of this recipe for years. I used to make this without cacao, and with yogurt…

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Is Coffee Good For You? The Pros & Cons

Have you ever wondered if coffee is good or bad for you? Although I’m not a coffee drinker myself as I’ve never tolerated caffeine very well, I did have a cup or two this past summer and I discovered very quickly why it’s so popular. My energy levels were through the roof and my concentration and productivity levels were on…

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How to Stick to Healthy Eating: 3 Must-Know Tips

I remember when I first began my journey to healthy eating and living and how exciting it was, but also overwhelming! Regardless of how passionate you are about health, there can still be times when temptation takes over, or our goals and values take the back seat. Even as a nutritionist, I can completely relate. Over the years – through…

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Spicy Chai Smoothie

Chai is one of my favourite spice blends and I get pretty excited once fall hits, because chai is everywhere! Including my kitchen, and this spicy chai smoothie. I made my own homemade chai spice mix which is what I use to throw into this super easy, immune-boosting, anti-bacterial smoothie. It’s the perfect comforting drink for cold & flu season,…

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DIY 5-Ingredient Chai Spice Mix

I’ve come to really love chai over the years. I used to work at a raw food restaurant, and their chai spice mix was my favourite thing ever. Until recently I had never actually made it myself (because I typically just drink pre-made chai tea!) but it is so easy, and once you’ve got yourself a jar, you’ll throw it…

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