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Some of my most frequently asked questions are about careers in holistic nutrition. I created this FAQ section here on my website to address these very things! 

Where did you study nutrition?
I went to the Institute of Holistic Nutrition in Toronto, Ontario.

What are the job opportunities after graduating?
This entirely depends on which area within holistic nutrition you’re most interested in! Whether you have a particular interest in one subject or perhaps you’re interested in a variety and want to combine them, program creation, consulting, speaking, and writing are just a few of the job opportunities as a holistic nutritionist.

Do you have another job besides YouTube/your online business?
I do a few different things but my primary day job is Floor Manager/Supervisor and Social Media Coordinator at a health food store.

How do you become successful as a holistic nutritionist?
Pursuing holistic nutrition often involves some degree of entrepreneurship. Although there are many avenues you can take that will allow you to work alongside other professionals with established businesses (in clinics, health food stores, wellness studios), there are also plenty of opportunities to develop and grow your own brand, if you so choose.

Like any goal, this requires a strong passion and interest for what you want to achieve; determination, effort, and time. Patience and perseverance is key here, and I highly encourage anyone out there who is interested in building their own business to invest their time (and sometimes money) in either a course or class, or even podcast series on building your brand. Some of my favourite mentors are: Marie Forleo, Chalene Johnson, Diane Sanfilipo and Amy Porterfield.

What’s the best way to grow my business as a holistic nutritionist?
Effectively utilizing social media is a key component in helping you grow your business and succeed as a nutritionist. Create a website, open a blog, and start playing around with all the different kinds of social media platforms. If your business is exclusively online, these things are pretty important. But even if you are active in your community as a nutritionist, using social media can have a huge impact on getting your name out there. As you guys know, I’m a big fan of YouTube and it is an integral part of what I do.

Can you make a good living as a holistic nutritionist? How do you make money?
Absolutely. This again comes back to your drive to succeed (see question above) and whether or not you embark on your journey as a nutritionist full-time, part-time, or as a hobby. I personally enjoy a lot of versatility in my life and as a result, more than one revenue stream. I also currently work at a health food store, and I spend most of my hours when I’m not at work, working on my business.

Alongside creating weekly content for my YouTube channel, I’ve written magazine articles and partnered with some of my favourite natural health brands, and I’m currently in the process of developing some online programs. I basically work most of the time! But, I enjoy it so much that it doesn’t always feel like “work”. Don’t worry – I have fun, too. 

There’s nothing wrong with keeping your day job while you follow your passion on the side until it’s something you can rely on exclusively, if that’s your goal.

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